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Another hot 3d adult comics gallery from the ‘Chaperone’ series – artwork and story by the incredible JAG27

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I was just fingering through and came across Chaperone Episode 84 - literally!

Preggo Margaret’s at sea and she’s pissed about her tiny tits and pregnant belly – guess she’d rather have big honking tits. Fact is – Margaret’s too young and skinny to be all fat and pregnant.

In this episode Jacob comes to the realization he knocks up every young girl he fucks – is it his dick or imagination talking!. Fact is - Jacob’s hung like a horse and I really get off on watching these young girls suck and fuck his thick rock hard penis.

Here’s the description of Chaperone Episode 84 from

“We return to the ship at sea, where we find Margaret starting to feel the downside of her weightgain and most definitely her unexpected pregnancy.

After a fight with her best friend, Lonnie... she concocts some interesting way to kill some time and entertain herself.

Meanwhile in Amsterdam, Jacob has another weird ass dream, but this time he gets to the bottom of things a little more and when he wakes, he's got a little better look at himself and his relationships with women.

Oh yeah, and there's some hot sex, bbw's... and what the fuck? Watch out for those cheetos! As always, enjoy! More to cum... Story & Art by JAG27”.

So lay back and enjoy the sample hardcore 3d comics below and then pay a visit to Bet my bottom dollar Jacob's up to no good!

Posted: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 01:00:10 -0400

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